Wedding and event florist in the heart of Gascony 


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About the designer
Jo's journey in design began in the vibrant landscapes of South Africa, was nurtured amid the historic beauty of North Yorkshire, and has flourished in the serene vistas of South West France. This unique blend of cultures and environments deeply influences her design philosophy, allowing her to craft floral arrangements that not only satisfy the specific visions of her clients but also harmonize with the essence of their chosen venues.
With a foundation in traditional floristry that spans over two decades, Jo has refined her approach to embody a style that is both intentional and unrestrained. Her creations are distinguished by their purposeful yet wild aesthetics, echoing the untamed beauty of nature while ensuring each piece delivers a profound visual impact.
Jo believes in designing installations that seem as though they have always belonged to their surroundings. Her work is characterised by an asymmetrical beauty, embracing the unpredictable elegance of the natural world. Each design is meticulously planned to not only meet but exceed the expectations of her couples, ensuring that their special day is enhanced by floral artistry that is both impactful and deeply meaningful.

Jo Faiers

"Absolutely amazing!!! The styling report is insane, I'm so excited"

Emma and Russ Wedding Nevada, Burning Man